Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Italian Vogue

I am excited about the newest Italian Vogue coming out for July because for the first time this Vogue will feature a completely Black issue.  It will feature all African-American models. This is a new and exciting issue has been in the making for a while and there are different reasons why its being created.  

A lot of people say that they are doing it for the presidential race, by showing support for Barack Obama, our first African American presidential candidate.  Other reasons behind this issue are  to finally give some attention to models of color and make a point in fashion.  These days it seems that only white female models make their ways into magazines.  Photographer, Steven Meisel who is a supporter of the issue and the photographer for it has said he hopes that people in the fashion issue will finally give notice to some black models.  That people will finally see what they have been missing. Click here for a sample from the magazine coming to the US in the up coming weeks.  

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